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New Level 2 EV Wall Chargers

For 75 years, Schumacher Electric has delivered innovative and reliable automotive products trusted by professionals and home mechanics alike. The new Schumacher range of Level 2 EV Wall Chargers follows in this tradition, offering consumers the convenience of Level 2 at-home charging from a brand they can trust.

  • Hassle-free Level 2 charging
  • Up to 50A max output
  • Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® enabled to work with the SchuPower™ App
  • Raintight housing
  • Universal SAE-J1772 charging gun
  • 25-foot cable reaches both bays of a two-car garage
  • Built-in cable storage
  • Three-year warranty

Three options available to fit your needs:

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Hard wired into your wall
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Uses NEMA 14-50 Plug
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Uses NEMA 6-50 Plug
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Why Choose Schumacher?

Since its founding in 1947, Schumacher Electric has been a leader in the power conversion industry. Today, Schumacher is one of the largest and most groundbreaking battery charger manufacturers in the world. As society transitions from gasoline-powered to all-electric vehicles, Schumacher is developing new products and cutting-edge technology especially for this growing market.

Schumacher is leveraging its 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing automotive battery chargers to create the next generation of automotive charging technology. The new range of EV chargers and accessories embodies Schumacher’s belief in delivering value to its customers through reliable and innovative products.

Three Classifications of EV Chargers

Level 1 120 V plugin diagram
Level 2 EV charger range per hour chart with image of the 240V outlet
480V DC fast charging diagram

Portable Monitoring of your EV Charger

Download the SchuPower™ App

With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect your Schumacher Level 2 EV Wall Charger to the SchuPower™ app. With the app, you can monitor your EV charging status, track your vehicle’s charging history, or troubleshoot any issues.

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Electric Vehicle charging app

Caution: The Schumacher EV2 Wall Charger must be installed by a licensed electrician. Any changes to the wall charger’s electrical settings must also be made by a licensed electrician. 

Step One

Decide where to mount the wall charger in accordance with the installation instructions, locate a wall stud, and tape the mounting template to the wall.

Step Two

Have a licensed electrician complete the following in accordance with your unit’s installation instructions: install any needed circuits or outlets, assemble the charging station, and set your unit’s internal current settings.

Step Three

Mount the charging station to the wall in accordance with the installation instructions and the mounting template.

Step Four

Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker or plug the unit into the outlet. The Power LED should illuminate a steady green if the wall charger is operating properly.

Step One
Find a stud and mark a horizontal line 50 inches above the floor or ground. Align the center top of the mounting template with the line and tape to the wall.

Step Two
Use a 7/32 inch or 5 mm drill bit to drill two pilot holes into the stud where indicated on the mounting template.

Step Three
Drive the 5.5 mm x 50 mm lag screw without the rubber washer into the top pilot hole, leaving the head of the screw 6-7 mm above the wall surface. Hang the charging station from this screw using the notch on the back of the charging station.

Step Four
Align the charging stations lower mounting hole and the remaining pilot hole. Drive the 5.5 mm x 50 mm lag screw with the rubber washer into the pilot hole and tighten until secure.

Step One

With Power LED showing a solid green color, remove the charging gun from the charging station’s dock.

Step Two

Connect the charging gun to your vehicle’s J1772 charging port.

*Tesla vehicles will require an adapter. Tesla, Inc. is an independently owned and operated company. This product is not manufactured, approved, or endorsed by Tesla, Inc.

Step Three

Charging begins automatically and is controlled by your electric vehicle. When charging has stopped return the charging gun to the charging station’s dock.

Step Four

Monitor your EV charging status or track your vehicle’s charging history via the SchuPower™ app.

Power LED (green) solid: Power is connected to the wall charger.

Charging Gun LED (green) fade in/out: Charging is in progress.

Charging Gun LED (green) solid: The charging process is complete or in scheduled charging mode.

Charging Status LED (blue) solid: The wall charger is powered on and in standby mode.

Charging Status LED (green) fade in/out: Charging is in progress.

Charging Status LED (cyan) flashing: The charging process is complete or in scheduled charging mode.

Charging Status LED (red) flashing: Error. Refer to the troubleshooting guide for guidance.

Wi-Fi LED (blue) solid: The wall charger’s Wi-Fi connection needs to be configured. This can be completed through the SchuPowerTM app.

Wi-Fi LED (blue) off: The wall charger cannot connect to the saved Wi-Fi network.

Customer Support

For troubleshooting assistance, product feedback, or questions relating to product reparis or returns, please contact Schumacher customer support at 1-800-621-5485 or email us at info@schumacherelectric.com

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