Fort Worth, Texas – November 1, 2021 – Schumacher Electric Corporation, the global leader of automotive aftermarket power conversion products, has introduced its new Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter series to the United States and European markets. Available in 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 peak amps, these jump starters are powerful, portable and compact, and can safely start a dead battery in seconds. The line will be available online and in select retailers.

“Our national lithium jump starter launch times perfectly for winterization preparations as the jump starters feature pre-heating technology to warm batteries in extreme cold,” said Mickey Leech, CEO at Schumacher Electric Corporation. “It’s also the perfect holiday gift for all drivers in your family or simply the person who has it all because of its multi-use design that includes the ability to charge a variety of USB devices. As we move towards our 75th company anniversary in 2022, we will continue to bring new, innovative products to market and set Schumacher apart from its competitors.”

Key features of the Schumacher Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter Product Line:

Schumacher 1000 Peak Amp Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter

Schumacher 1500 Peak Amp Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter

Schumacher 2000 Peak Amp Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter

Schumacher 2500 Peak Amp Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter

“We are pleased to bring top-of-the-line lithium jump starter products to market that are not only powerful but designed with ease-of-use in mind,” said Dirk Kuyckx, general manager of Schumacher Europe. “We wanted to offer a variety of products with unique features to meet the needs of all consumers and standout in a crowded market. Whether it’s a car, van, SUV, boat or recreational vehicle, our lithium jump starter has a durable rugged design with pre-boost technology for bringing even deeply discharged batteries back to life.”

About Schumacher Electric Corporation

Schumacher Electric Corporation is known for industry-leading innovation, an unwavering commitment to quality, and providing feature-rich products that represent a remarkable value and price. For nearly 75 years, Schumacher has been powering lifestyles with a legacy centered on delivering product excellence and exceptional service to customers with a broad range of needs and experience levels. Put your trust in a Schumacher. 

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