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Power Packs

330 Wh Lithium Portable Power Generator

  • 3A USB port
  • 12V device output port
  • Easy to read LCD display


A Legacy of Commitment to Quality

A Passion for Technology and Innovation


Schumacher Brings 75 Years of Experience

A Global Leader in Battery Chargers

“Schumacher came highly recommended and has proven to be a valuable addition to my toolkit. Works great on my boat and ATV batteries.”

Andrew Nordbye, Professional Angler

Schumacher Electric Corporation Launches Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter

Fort Worth, Texas – November 1, 2021 – Schumacher Electric Corporation, the global leader of automotive aftermarket power conversion products, has introduced its new Rugged Lithium Ion Jump Starter series to the United States and European markets. Available in 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 peak amps, these jump starters are powerful, portable and compact, and […]

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Battery Chargers 101: An Intro Guide to Battery Chargers

How often do you charge your phone? What about your headphones or your computer?  We use numerous devices throughout the day that require charged batteries to function. Vehicles—from cars and trucks to boats and RVs—are no exception. In many cases, all it takes to keep a vehicle battery charged and functioning is to operate it. […]

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Using a Power Inverter in your Car, Truck, or RV

Car batteries are powerful. They have to be, after all, to keep starters starting, air conditioners blowing, and all the lights and electronics inside your car energized. We rely on our car batteries for more than just vehicle movement, though. If you’ve ever plugged your mobile phone into the car’s cigarette lighter, you’ve used the […]

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