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1000 Peak Amp Lithium Ion Jump Starter/ Portable Power

Ideal for emergency jump start and charging portable electronics

For a reliable battery charger for motorcycles, power sports vehicles, or cars that is easy to travel with, try the Schumacher SL1316 1000 Peak Amp Lithium Ion Jump Starter and Power Pack. Powerful, compact, and TSA checkpoint friendly, this combination jump starter-power pack contains a lithium iron phosphate battery that boasts a longer battery life and more charge cycles along with lithium-ion protection that helps protect against, overload, overvoltage, overcharge, and more. 

This unit is easy to use with a scrolling digital display that gives step-by-step instructions to properly jump start a battery. It’s also built with an ultra-light design along with a bright LED light that can be used as a work light or as a hazard signal in emergency situations. The SL1316 even features a 2A USB port and a 12V DC port adaptor to charge USB devices and DC devices when traveling and on the go!

Additional features include:

  • Compatible with 4- to 6-cylinder cars, motorcycles, and power sports vehicles
  • Meets the highest industry standards for energy efficiency and DOE compliant
  • One-year warranty

Contents include: Schumacher SL1316 Jump Starter/Power Pack, clamp adaptor, USB-to-micro-USB adaptor, 12V DC port adaptor, AC wall charger, accessory bag, and user manual



Product Specifications

Weight: 3.34 lb
Width: 7.88 in
Depth: 2.75 in
Height: 10.75 in
Output Current (Peak): 1000A
Lifestyles: Hobby Garage
Patents: Patent Pending
Pro/Consumer: Consumer

Product Manuals/Tutorials

These manual(s) will explain how to use the product safely and effectively.

Manual 0099001830-R0


Manual 0099001830-R1


Manual 0099001830E-R2


Manual 0099002409E-R0