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15 Watt Solar Charger/Maintainer with SPC-7A Charge Controller

Solar-powered battery charger/maintainer for boats, RVs, and more

Whether on a camping trip or working at a remote job site, access to electricity isn’t always guaranteed. When the battery in the car, RV, truck, or other vehicle needs charging, choose Schumacher Electric’s 15W Solar Charger/Maintainer with SPC-7A Charge Controller. This water-resistant module is solely solar-powered for convenient, on-the-go charging solutions.

Heavy-duty batteries require heavy-duty chargers. Weighing 16 pounds, the 15W Solar Charger/Maintainer delivers a powerful 5W charge to 12-volt batteries in cars, boats, trucks, RVs, and snowmobiles through amorphous solar technology, even on cloudy days. The environmentally-safe unit is compatible with standard lead-acid batteries.

For battery charging solutions away from home, choose the 15W Solar Charger/Maintainer. This charger also includes the SPC-7A Charge Controller to reduce the risk of battery overcharge damage.

Additional features include:

  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Built-in blocking diode protects against discharge at night
  • 96-inch cable allows users to mount the unit almost anywhere on a vehicle
  • Pre-cut holes and mounting screws included for easy installation

Contents include: Schumacher SP-1500 solar panel (1), SPC-7A charge controller (1), 12V DC adaptor (1), clamp adaptor (1), mounting screws (4), and user manual



Product Specifications

Weight: 13.61 lb
Width: 13.61 in
Depth: 2.5 in
Height: 38.38 in
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Voltage Icon: 12V
Lifestyles: Home
Pro/Consumer: Consumer

Product Manuals/Tutorials

These manual(s) will explain how to use the product safely and effectively.

Manual 0099001194-R3


Manual 0099001194-R4


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