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4.8 Watt Solar Charger/Maintainer

Designed for batteries in boats, cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and more.

When a car, motorcycle, truck, or other vehicle battery needs to be kept charged and fully maintained far from an outlet, look no further than Schumacher’s SP-400 4.8W Solar Battery Maintainer. Using solar technology that converts the sun’s rays into power, the solar panel easily operates in both clear and cloudy conditions without needing an outside electricity source.

Equipped with both DC and clamp adapters, this solar maintainer is a lightweight, user-friendly solution for maintaining a 12V lead-acid battery while on the road, at the lake, or working at a remote job site.

Consumers can take charge of their battery maintenance with convenient, environmentally-friendly solutions from Schumacher Electric, such as the 4.8W Solar Battery Maintainer. For additional overcharge protection, consider the SPC-7A Charge Controller, also available from Schumacher Electric.

Additional features:

· Delivers a 4.8-watt trickle charge

· Ideal for boats, cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trucks, RVs, and more

· Minimal maintenance required

· Battery maintainers can improve the health and lifespan of your battery

· Utilizes amorphous solar and thin-film technology that absorbs a larger spectrum of light than other solar panels

· 96-inch cable for easy positioning of solar panel

· Water-resistant construction

· Can be permanently mounted

· Can be used to power electric fences and deer feeders in remote areas

· One-year warranty

Contents include: Schumacher SP-400 solar panel (1), 12V DC adaptor (1), clamp adaptor (1), mounting screws (4), and user manual



Product Specifications

Weight: 3.96 lb
Width: 13.63 in
Depth: 14.38 in
Height: 0.56 in
Optimum Working Current: 260mAh
Optimum Working Voltage: 17.50V
Output Voltage Icon: 12V,24V
Pro/Consumer: Consumer
Peak Power Output: 4.8 Watts
Tested under standard conditions: AM1.5, 100mW/cm2, 25°C
Operating Temperature: -40° F–185° F (-40° C–85° C
Battery Type: 12V auto, dee-cycle, gel-cell, and heavy-duty batteries
Lifestyles: Boating, Camping, Farm and Ranch

Product Manuals/Tutorials

These manual(s) will explain how to use the product safely and effectively.

Manual 0099001518-R2


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