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6/12V 275A ProSeries Battery Charger/Engine Starter

ProSeries wheel charger with flash programming, ideal for shops and garages

Offering the ultimate in battery charger capabilities, the DSR122 ProSeries Battery Charger and Engine Starter is the high-performance battery charger that any garage or auto shop needs. With a maximum amperage of 275, the DSR122 can charge and start even the largest 6- and 12-volt batteries.

The DSR122 is easy to use thanks to its digital display, push-button control, and extra-long output cable with a 17-foot reach. The microprocessor provides fully automatic or timer-controlled charging and works for standard, deep-cycle, AGM, and gel batteries alike. It is protected from temperature overload, and its heavy-duty steel case and clamps allow for rugged, outdoor use.

Equally well-suited to crank an engine or charge a battery, the DSR122 also features flash programming and can flash reprogram a battery.

Additional features include:

  • Memory-saver mode saves vehicle settings while charging the battery
  • Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety, and battery life
  • Float-mode monitoring maintains optimum battery charge
  • Reverse hook-up protection
  • One-year warranty



Product Specifications

Weight: 60.2 lb
Width: 20.5 in
Depth: 16.25 in
Height: 33.63 in
Input Current: 12.7A cont.,49A int.
Input Voltage: 120V AC
Output Current: 6/12V: 4/15A cont,60/125A int
Output Voltage: 6/12V
Output Voltage Icon: 6V,12V
Safety Certifications: UL,ULC
Battery Type: Standard,AGM,Gel,Deep-Cycle
Pro/Consumer: Pro

Product Manuals/Tutorials

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Manual 0099001943-R2


Manual 0099001943E-R3


Manual 0099001943E-R4