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BAF-451T Top Post Battery Cable

Choose Schumacher Electric’s BAF-451T Top Post Battery Cable for a quick and secure connection. Crafted to outperform a vehicle’s original battery cable, the Top Post Battery Cable features an improved 51-inch, 4-gauge design and weighs less than a pound. Just connect it and discover a better starting experience. 

Extending a starter’s life is as simple as replacing an original cable with a new BAF-451T Top Post Battery Cable. Snag this cable today. 

Contents include: Schumacher BAF-451T 4-Gauge, 51-Inch Top Post Battery Cable



Product Specifications

Weight: 0.81 lb
Width: 3.63 in
Depth: 1.25 in
Height: 9.5 in
Lifestyles: Hobby Garage
Pro/Consumer: Consumer