BAF-BM1 Marine Battery Box

Keeps marine group 24 batteries safe and secure at sea

Boats require a powerful, heavy-duty battery able to withstand the trials of the sea, making them a valuable asset to maintain over time. The Schumacher Electric BAF-BM1 is designed to protect marine batteries from the elements, keeping group 24 batteries locked in place and out of the water. 

The BAF-BM1 Marine Battery Box is made of high-density black polyethylene; sturdy enough to protect batteries from outside forces as well as preventing damage to boats from potential battery leaks. Battery movement inside the box is limited, further protecting them from damage while ensuring that the connection to the boat is unbroken. The BAF-BM1 best holds batteries that are up to 11 inches (length) by 7 7/8 inches (width) by 10 ¾ inches (height). 

Contents include: Schumacher BAF-BM1 Marine Battery Box, battery box strap with tie-downs (1), screws (4), and mounting brackets (2)



Product Specifications

Weight: 2.1 lb
Width: 14.25 in
Depth: 10.75 in
Height: 10.5 in
Lifestyles: Boating Camping
Pro/Consumer: Consumer