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Battery Monitor

Battery monitor for instant updates on battery and charging system

To prevent overcharge damage and extend an automotive battery’s life, it’s crucial to be aware of the charging/maintaining system. With Schumacher Electric’s BAF-M2 Battery Monitor, users can receive instant updates on the voltage of the vehicle’s battery and charging system. Just mount the monitor to the car’s dashboard and check its easy-to-read digital display.

This unit, weighing less than a pound, features LED warning lights to alert drivers when the battery or charging system encounters issues. It also detects charging input voltage within a variance of 0.1 volts. If the alternator experiences any problems related to the diode or voltage variance above 0.8 volts, the monitor will also detect them.

Choose the BAF-M2 Battery Monitor to stay on top of a vehicle’s charging system and take proper care of its battery.

Additional features include:

  • Plugs into a 12-volt automotive outlet
  • Digital display indicates the electrical voltage of a battery
  • One-year warranty



Product Specifications

Weight: 0.17 lb
Width: 3.5 in
Depth: 1.63 in
Height: 4.75 in
Lifestyles: Hobby Garage
Pro/Consumer: Consumer