Work/Safety Lights

Whether you’re in your shop or on the side of the road, lighting your way is essential to safely and properly repairing and starting your vehicle. At Schumacher, we couldn’t agree more. Our line of work lights and road flares are built for longevity and allow you to see and be seen. 

Road Flare

Gone are the days of road flares that might start a wildfire and last 30 minutes. With our collection of LED road flares, you can signal for help without the inconvenience or risk of fire.  

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Schumacher Electric 360 degess swivel rechargeable cordless light and magnetic torch in black.


SL28G 360° LED Cordless Work Light + Magnetic Torch – Green



Schumacher Electric 360 degrees LED cordless light and magnetic torch.


360° Cordless LED Work Light + Magnetic Torch



Schumacher Electric rechargeable LED road flare.


Rechargeable LED Road Flare



Schumacher Electric rechargeable spotlight and lantern.


Rechargeable Lithium Ion Spotlight/Lantern