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Digital Battery Tester/System Analyzer

Professional, heavy-duty battery tester for 12V batteries

Schumacher’s durable, heavy-duty PST-200 Digital Battery Tester/System Analyzer can test 12-volt batteries and charging systems. This microprocessor-controlled device offers a complete system diagnosis with no manual timing necessary. The digital display allows users to see the voltage and test results in seconds, and its insulated sure-grip clamps make connecting to the battery safe and convenient.

Anyone in the market for a portable, easy-to-use battery tester that doesn’t require outside power, should choose Schumacher’s PST-200.

Additional features include:

  • Automatically turns off the load after 10 seconds and captures voltage
  • Three-step LED display for polarity check, battery load test, and charging system test readout
  • Color-coded clamps
  • Durable, ventilated steel case
  • 1 year warranty


Product Specifications

Weight: 3 lb
Width: 6.63 in
Depth: 3.5 in
Height: 15.13 in
Pro/Consumer: Pro

Product Manuals/Tutorials

These manual(s) will explain how to use the product safely and effectively.

Manual 0099000438-R2


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