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NEMA 6-50 240V 40A Level 2 EV Wall Charger

Convenient Home EV Charging

A home EV charging system offers several advantages to EV-driving homeowners, including faster charging, convenience, wireless monitoring, smart home integration, and increased home value. With the Schumacher SEV1600P650 NEMA 6-50 240V 40A Level 2 EV Wall Charger, homeowners can add EV charging capability to their home garage or driveway. 

Featuring an SAE-J1772 (Universal) connector, the SEV1600P650 is compatible with nearly all North American electric vehicles. Tesla® vehicles require an adapter (sold separately). The charger is also easy to use. Simply plug the charging gun into the EV charging port and charging begins automatically. The Schumacher Level 2 EV Wall charger also features Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® so that users can monitor and schedule charging through the SchuPower™ app. 

The SEV1600P650 features a NEMA 6-50 plug that can be connected to a NEMA 6-50 outlet installed by a licensed electrician. An electrician can customize the SEV1600P650’s configurable current up to 40A (50A if hardwired), allowing the unit to charge up to eight times faster than a standard Level 1 EV chargers. 

A low-profile design and a flexible cradle cable for built-in cord management minimize the space needed for installation of the wall charger, giving you more options on where to locate the unit. With a weather-resistant housing, the charger can be installed indoors or outdoors, and a 25-foot charging cable enables additional flexibility, letting homeowners choose an out-of-the way location for installation while still easily reaching their EV.

The Schumacher SEV1600P650 Level 2 EV Wall Charger must be installed by a licensed electrician. Any changes to the wall charger’s electrical settings must also be made by a licensed electrician.

Additional features:

  • Output power: 240V
  • Configurable current: 16A, 24A, 32A, 40A (48A or 50A if hardwired)
  • Configurable power: 3.8kW, 5.8kW, 7.7kW, 9.6kW (11.5kW or 12.0kW if hardwired)
  • Interchangeable dock with dual docking capability
  • Lockable and ergonomic charging gun
  • Bluetooth® switch
  • Install indoors or outdoors with weather-resistance 3R raintight – Ventilation not required
  • Power LED
  • Wi-Fi® LED
  • Charging status LED
  • Charging gun LED
  • May be eligible for federal, state, and local tax credits and rebates
  • Three-year warranty

Contents include: The Schumacher NEMA 6-50 Level 2 EV Wall Charger charging station, output cable with EV charging gun, cord with NEMA 6-50 plug, cable cradle, (2) 5.5 mm (0.22 in.) x 50 mm (2 in.) lag screws for wall mounting, (2) 4 mm (0.16 in.) x 16 mm (0.63 in.) self-tapping screws to attach the cable cradle, mounting template, and user manual.

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Tesla, Inc. is an independently owned and operated company. This product is not manufactured, approved, or endorsed by Tesla, Inc.

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SID, Inc. and any use of such marks made by Schumacher Electric Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.



Product Specifications

Weight: 24.4 lb
Width: 17.5 in
Depth: 19.5 in
Height: 12 in
Input Voltage: 208V/240V AC, 60Hz
Input Current: 40A (50A if hardwired)
Output Voltage: 208V/240V AC, 60Hz
Output Current: Configurable 16A, 24A, 32A, 40A (48A or 50A if hardwired)
Output Power: Configurable 3.8kW, 5.8kW, 7.7kW, 9.6kW (11.5kW or 12.0kW if hardwired)
Pro/Consumer: Consumer

Product Manuals/Tutorials

These manual(s) will explain how to use the product safely and effectively.

Manual 0099002449-R0


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