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  • SC1278 0.75A 12V Automatic Battery Maintainer



SC1278 0.75A 12V Automatic Battery Maintainer

Battery maintainer for motorcycles, lawn mowers, vintage cars, & more

Extend the life of the battery in ATV, snowmobile, and car batteries with a 0.75A 12V Automatic Battery Maintainer. Whether working with a standard, gel, or AGM battery type, this device is reliable for all basic maintaining applications.

Microprocessor-controlled, the 0.75A 12V Automatic Battery Maintainer automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain the battery. Its multi-stage charging feature also provides precise, safe battery life. 

Additionally, this charging and maintaining unit gives users the ability to “connect it and forget it,” whether they’re charging a lawnmower or a vintage car. And with the reverse hook-up protection, owners can rest easily knowing the charger will not operate if the clamps are reversed. 

Bring home a 0.75A 12V Automatic Battery Maintainer today and discover the benefits of convenient battery charging and maintenance.

Additional features:

  • Rated for 300 CCA
  • Float-mode monitoring automatically maintains optimum battery charge
  • Compatible with standard, AGM, and gel batteries
  • Charging status LED indicator
  • Meets the highest industry standards for energy efficiency
  • One-year warranty


Product Specifications

Weight: 0.7 lb
Width: 3.13 in
Depth: 2.88 in
Height: 8.63 in
Lifestyles: Power Sports
Input Current: 0.3A
Input Voltage: 120V AC
Output Current: 0.75A
Output Voltage: 12V DC
Output Voltage Icon: 12V
Safety Certifications: UL
Battery Type: Standard,AGM,Gel

Product Manuals/Tutorials

These manual(s) will explain how to use the product safely and effectively.

Manual 0099001833-R0


Manual 0099001823E-R3


Manual 0099001823E-R4