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Schumacher 25A 12V DC-DC Intelligent Battery Charger

Charge auxiliary batteries using your vehicle’s alternator


Modern vehicles with smart alternators make it difficult to keep a backup battery charged. These “smart” alternators are designed to shut off when the vehicle’s starter or primary battery is fully charged. Schumacher’s SDC370 25A 12V DC-DC Intelligent Battery Charger solves this difficulty, boosting the alternator’s output to fully charge an auxiliary battery. In addition, the SDC370 provides a steady current, instead of the fluctuating current usually provided by a modern alternator. As an added advantage, the SDC370 can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, such as the engine compartment, chassis rail, or passenger cabin. 


Built-in, three-stage charging allows the SDC370 to safely and fully charge the auxiliary battery. First, boost mode delivers maximum voltage for an initial period. Next, absorption mode supplies a continuous charge. Finally, float mode helps maintain a full battery charge by delivering a trickle of power when needed.



Additional features:


  • Compatible with standard, gel, AGM, calcium, and lithium batteries
  • Works in extreme temperatures—up to 80° C/176° F
  • Weatherproof construction (IP66 rating)
  • Battery Selector, Alternator Signal, Charging Status, and Fault LED indicators
  • Compact size
  • Heavy-duty construction



Contents include: The Schumacher SDC370 25A 12V DC-DC Intelligent Battery Charger and user manual.




Product Specifications

Weight: 14.6 lb
Width: 18.5 in
Depth: 7.75 in
Height: 12.88 in
Pro/Consumer: Consumer
Battery Type: Standard, AGM, Gel, Calcium, Lithium