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Schumacher 40A 12V DC-DC Intelligent Battery Charger

Charged back up batteries from alternator or solar panels

Off-grid living is a little bit easier with a backup storage battery. Whether living permanently off grid or using a backup battery for camping and RV travel, it is important to have multiple ways to charge that backup battery. One way to charge an auxiliary battery is to use a vehicle alternator. However, modern vehicles usually employ smart alternators designed to shut down when the vehicle’s starter or primary battery is fully charged. This makes it almost impossible to charge an auxiliary battery directly from the alternator. Schumacher’s SDC371 40A 12V DC-DC Intelligent Battery charger solves this problem by boosting the alternator’s output, allowing it to fully charge both batteries. The SDC371 also outputs a steady current, instead of the fluctuating current produced by a smart alternator. The 40A of power produced by the SDC371 is more than enough to efficiently charge a backup battery.

The SDC371 also includes a Solar Priority button, which allows user to easily switch between charging from an alternator and charging from solar panels. And when the vehicle’s engine shuts off, the SDC371 will automatically switch to solar charging. 

Built-in, three-stage charging lets the SDC371 safely charge the auxiliary battery and maintain a full charge. First, boost mode delivers maximum voltage for an initial period. Next, absorption mode supplies a continuous charge. Finally, float mode helps maintain a full battery charge by delivering a trickle of power when needed.

Additional features:

  • Compatible with standard, gel, AGM, calcium, and lithium batteries
  • Can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, including the engine compartment, chassis rail, or passenger cabin 
  • Works in extreme temperatures—up to 80° C/176° F
  • Weatherproof construction (IP66 rating)
  • Battery Selector, Alternator Signal, Charging Status, Fault, Solar Priority LED indicators
  • Compact size
  • Heavy-duty construction

Contents include: The Schumacher SDC371 40A 12V DC-DC Intelligent Battery Charger and user manual.



Product Specifications

Weight: 14.6 lb
Width: 18.5 in
Depth: 7.75 in
Height: 12.88 in
Battery Type: Standard,AGM,Gel,Calcium,Lithium
Lifestyles: Boating Camping, Home, Power Sports
Pro/Consumer: Consumer

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