Terminal Cleaning Brush

Keeps battery terminals clean for a perfect connection

A build-up of corrosion and dirt on the terminal of any battery leads to a poor connection and potentially inoperable battery. When it comes to preserving the life and functionality of batteries, Schumacher Electric has the necessary tools to make routine maintenance a breeze. 

Whether in a car, boat, or lawn mower, the BAF-BI chrome cleaning brush can keep any battery terminal fresh. This brush was designed with flexibility in mind, as it can be used on both positive and negative terminals found on the top or sides of a battery. With its compact and lightweight design, the BAF-BI can be stored anywhere for easy access when it’s needed most.

Contents include: Schumacher BAF-BI Chrome Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush



Product Specifications

Weight: 0.16 lb
Width: 3 in
Depth: 1.5 in
Height: 6 in
Lifestyles: Hobby Garage
Pro/Consumer: Consumer