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Wireless Diagnostic Tool and Tester

Bluetooth-Enabled Tester for 6V/12V Batteries

Anyone with the need to test the effectiveness of a battery or translate and read OBDII diagnostic codes, should look no further than the SDT1 Wireless Diagnostic Tool from Schumacher. In addition to its battery and diagnostic code capabilities, the SDT1 can be used as an electrical tester, battery/oil light reset reader, and more. The SDT1 can be used with both 6-volt and 12-volt automobile batteries as well as 12-volt and 24-volt charging and starting systems.

Powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, the lightweight SDT1 has a 32-foot wireless range with a Bluetooth battery tester module to provide speedy and accurate load testing. Its 7-inch touchscreen provides an easy-to-use interface. Test results can be stored or even emailed directly from the device. Integrated video testing provides a simple way to learn about the device and its capabilities.

Additional features:

  • Easy-to-use interface in English, Spanish, or French
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable clams with 20-inch cable
  • One-year warranty

Contents include: SDT1 tablet controller, Battery tester module (1), OBD2 cable(1), AC wall charger (1), and user manual



Product Specifications

Weight: 23.74 lb
Width: 14.38 in
Depth: 19.25 in
Height: 5.13 in
Lifestyles: Hobby Garage
Pro/Consumer: Pro

Product Manuals/Tutorials

YouTube video tutorial

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