Sustainability Initiative

Expanding our use of recycled and recovered materials reduces our eco-footprint

Schumacher Electric Corporation offers many energy-efficient products. 
We recognize the importance of supporting long-term ecological balance.

We further commit to this by implementing our Sustainability Initiative.

We are reducing our eco-footprint by actively expanding the use of recycled and recovered components, 
parts and materials in our manufacturing process. The result is not a “used” product, but a product that meets 
Schumacher’s high quality testing and standards and is made in a better, environmentally friendly way.

By using recycled batteries, plastics, metal, and component parts, we avoid adding these items 
into the landfills and reducing our environmental impact. Our goal is to reduce our footprint 
and still bring you a great Schumacher quality product.

All of these small steps add up. Now you can do your part. Look for the special green logo on our packaging. 
This will help you make the best, greenest choice.

Together, we can make a difference. 


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